Let's Talk Project Management Podcast Interview with Adriana Girdler

February 24, 2021

Adriana Girdler knows project management like the back of her hand. Currently president and “chief efficiency officer” of CornerStone Dynamics, she’s done TED talks, written books, devised an online project management course and created a very popular YouTube channel. Most importantly, she can see beyond the theory. Her holistic approach to project management is something we can all learn from. Adriana also has an interesting take on the future of project management… should we start thinking of project management at a more strategic level?

Show Notes

  • How you can fall into project management
  • The true definition of a “project manager”
  • How project management standards have changed in recent years
  • The rise of Agile methodology
  • The two ‘lanes’ of growth and management
  • The importance of sponsorship
  • Where will project management be in five years’ time?
  • The possible impact of AI on project management
  • Adriana’s project management course
  • The rise of in-house project management training for SMEs
  • How much longer an average project is taking post-COVID
  • Why you don’t need to have a PMP to be an amazing project manager


"I'd like to see project management brought up to more of a senior level as a strategic role, because I really see that as a gap missing right now. And I haven't really seen an organisation that's done that yet. It really should be the right hand of the CEO or the president in my opinion."
"Your team is what's going to make you successful. Spend time on bringing your team up to speed. Do the work in advance prior to having a kickoff meeting - that's a big thing."
"I think a lot of people have a hard time addressing the elephant in the room and just saying things for what they are. You can do things very respectfully. You can do them very professionally. You can come from love when you do this. But if you know and sense that something is going on, you have to call it out. That is your job as a project manager."
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